Picture of Eric Mathews and F.W. de Klerk

Touring Nobel Peace Prize Winner F.W. DeKlerk at the FedEx Institute

About Eric

Short bio

Eric Mathews works to change entrepreneurship and community engagement in cities. He leads the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Memphis via the platforms he founded over the years including LaunchMemphis, Seed Hatchery, and Wolf River Angels, among others. These platforms support entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of starting up from raw idea through to seed capital. These platforms are managed by LaunchYourCity, Inc. which works to provide new enablers of entrepreneurial action while also removing obstacles. Eric is presently the founding CEO of LaunchYourCity, Inc. Prior to these endeavors, Eric was the associate director of corporate research and development at the FedEx Institute of Technology. Eric has a B.S. in Chemistry from Rhodes College, and a M.S. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Memphis where he studied artificial intelligence.